Summit Therapeutics Bodywork & Massage Studio Every Body Has A Mountain To Climb. Let Us Help You with Yours.


Welcome to Summit.
Come on in and make yourself at home while we tell you a bit about ourselves.

Here at Summit, we practice specialized, personalized, integrative bodywork and massage.

This means that Summit is not a day spa. We say this not to infer that we are "better" than a day spa - but to clarify that we are different than a day spa. If sugar scrubs and body wraps are what you seek, that's great! But you won't find them here.

Here, we listen to your body to create an appointment specific to you. We focus on relieving pain, restoring movement, and creating change in sessions designed to calm and support both your mind and your body.

We do things the way we do them because we are passionate about how purposeful, informed bodywork can impact peoples’ quality of life beyond just the time they spend on our table.

Whether you are on day three of a headache, or the stress of running a business has got you at your wits' end; we are here to help.

You'll enjoy your session; but more importantly, you'll enjoy the results. 

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Our Offerings Include

Relieve Stress
Relax your body and ease your mind.
Alleviate Pain
From low back pain to headaches, massage can help almost any ache or pain.
Improve Quality of Life
Bodywork is known to improve not just pain, but sleep cycles, focus, mood, concentration, stamina, and creativity; leaving you primed to be a better YOU in all aspects of your life. 
Slow The Clock
Both figuratively and literally. Bodywork and massage is a respite, but beyond that, it is known to slow the effects of aging in a variety of ways, even down to the level of your DNA. 



“Rachel seriously gave the best massage and took any feedback or preferences I had seriously! So good this lady! Her knowledge of anatomy! She’s down to earth! Yes!”


"My massage with Maria was awesome! It is so great to find a therapist that is in tune with what my body needs. The pressure was just right...she did some extra fun stuff for my neck...I highly recommend Maria and the whole Summit team. You will not be disappointed!"


"Neck and shoulders are [Maria's] specialty, and wow was she right! ... Maria was absolutely fantastic and whenever I leave Summit, whether I’m seeing Rachel or Maria, I always feel so refreshed and taken care of!"


“I’ve suffered from neck and shoulder pain for years, and Rachel’s work has helped reduce my pain considerably! The massages are great for working the pain out, and her stretching routines and advice have been tremendously helpful for keeping the pain away. I can’t recommend Summit Therapeutics enough for genuinely effective massage therapy!”

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